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Once your permanent teeth are damaged, you have to quickly visit your dentist. Also, your dentist can resolve other concerns you have with innovative procedures under cosmetic dentistry. Mountain Home, ID, is home to excellent dentists who can offer the best treatments when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. 

Here is an list of why you should consider having dental crowns and bridges if you want to improve your confidence, smile, and life:

The Dental “Caps”

Dental crowns or dental caps are great alternatives to restore weakened or damaged teeth, as they cover or encase a portion of your teeth. If you fear your tooth being extracted, you can have this treatment instead. Or, if you are experiencing or have experienced a broken tooth due to injury, undergone a root canal, or have badly misshapen or discolored teeth, then dental caps are perfect for you! 

Dental crowns are made from either porcelain, ceramic, zirconia, gold alloy, or a combination of these materials. So you can opt for any of these, or your dentist can recommend the best type of material to cater to your needs. 

The procedure starts with preparing and cleaning the affected areas of your teeth. Your dentist gets rid of the decayed or damaged parts and will make an impression using digital scanning technology or a putty-like material. Then it is time to perfectly fabricate or customize your dental caps. After the fabrication stage, your dentist will fit the caps and make some adjustments before bonding or cementing them to your permanent teeth.

And voila! The dental caps are now your shield to prevent any more damage to your teeth. This oral cosmetics in Mountain Home, ID, not only restored your ability to bite and chew properly but also your smile and confidence. 

The Tooth Bridge

Aside from dental crowns that can restore your smile, you can also opt for a tooth bridge or dental bridge if you are missing one or more teeth. This can be another option if you do not want dentures. 

If you are wondering how this can be helpful in the restoration of your full smile and confidence, dental bridges can improve your appearance, enhance the functionality of your teeth, prevent tooth shifts, and are a long-term solution to gaps and missing teeth. 

Like dental crowns, which can be made from different materials, tooth bridges are also categorized into different types and materials. 

  • Resin-supported Bridges

    This type of bridge is more suitable and appropriate for the replacement of your missing front teeth than molars. Resin-supported bridges are special dental resins that do not require crowns but are perfect for supporting pontics.

  • Traditional Bridges

    These bridges are perfect for filling gaps with anchored dental crowns in place. These can support one or more pontics.

  • Implant-supported Bridges

    If you want more durable and stable bridges, then you will find that implant-supported bridges are effective. The fact that these bridges are anchored and held in place by implants is what makes them stable. This type of tooth bridge does not rely on the strength of dental resin or modified natural teeth.


Have you decided which one of the cosmetic dentistry in Mountain Home, ID, you should have to restore your smile, confidence, and quality of life? For further information, reach out to your dental health and service provider, Mountain Home Dentistry Co., at 208-587-1111.

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