tooth replacement for missing teeth

Losing a tooth or multiple teeth can have a big effect on one’s oral health and general well-being. On top of that, it becomes a concern for those who are particular about how they look. Cosmetic dentistry in Mountain Home, ID, has specialists who say that it can cause problems if left unattended. It’s critical to replace missing teeth as soon as possible. Let’s explore why.

Preserves Bone Density

The loss of a tooth causes the bone that holds it to gradually weaken from lack of stimulation. The structure of the jaw and the look of the face may be altered significantly as a result of it. This is called bone resorption. By giving the surrounding bone tissue the required stimulation through the prompt replacement of a lost tooth with dental implants, bone density is maintained.

Prevents Shifting Teeth

The teeth next to where a lost tooth was may slowly move into that gap. This will surely cause misalignment and impair the smile’s visual appeal. If two or more teeth are lost, a condition called facial collapse that shortens your face and pushes out your chin may happen. By replacing the lost teeth right away, issues with the preservation of the natural alignment of the teeth are avoided.

Boosts Confidence

Loss of teeth can harm one’s self-worth. It could lead to being self-conscious about how you look and make you avoid smiling freely. Specialists of oral cosmetics in Mountain Home, ID, tell us that, when lost teeth are immediately replaced with well-made prosthetics, people tend to smile naturally and feel more confident again.

Restores Chewing Function

Each tooth is crucial to chewing, and its removal can cause trouble in little ways. With the absence of a few teeth, chewing might prove to be challenging. People can regain their ability to chew efficiently by having the lost tooth replaced as soon as possible with a dental implant, bridge, or denture. They allow you to bite and chew as though you have a full set of teeth.

Fixes Speech Problems

Speech articulation depends heavily on teeth. Losing one or more of them might make it difficult to pronounce some sounds correctly. The loss of teeth, particularly in the front of the mouth, can cause speech difficulties. This, in turn, can reduce confidence in speaking. Early tooth replacement restores the ability of speaking clearly.

Inhibits Gum Disease

An increased risk of gum disease results from the space created by a lost tooth. This provides bacteria with the perfect environment to grow. Untreated tooth loss frequently results in gum recession, inflammation, and periodontal pockets that can worsen the condition. A replacement that’s done as soon as possible promotes healthy gums and lowers the risk of periodontal disease.

Regaining Your Lost Smile

To maintain optimal dental function and improve general well-being, lost teeth must be replaced right away. Those who provide cosmetic dentistry in Mountain Home, ID, insist on immediate attention to the loss of tooth or teeth to preserve bone density, prevent shifting teeth, boost confidence, and restore natural chewing.

Don’t put off getting expert dental treatment for the loss of your teeth. See us for the best options in restorative orthodontics that repair or replace a tooth at Mountain Home Dentistry Co. To set an appointment, give us a call at 208-587-1111.

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