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Some moms who don’t know any better are often bewildered as to why their toddlers have rotten teeth when they make sure those cute baby teeth are well taken care of. They have not heard of baby bottle tooth decay. Practicing Family Dentistry in Mountain Home, ID, we often see what happens when a child’s teeth are exposed to formula milk for an extended period, especially during naps or nighttime.

Baby bottle tooth decay can sneak up on you so here are some ways that it can be prevented.

1. Limit Sugary Drinks

The first line of defense against dental disease caused by baby bottles is to limit your child’s consumption of sugary beverages. It’s important to avoid giving your baby sugary liquids like juice or sweetened water. They should be offered sparingly and diluted with water if you decide to give them. While it may sound healthy, fruit juice can be bad for your baby’s teeth. It’s not the same as the actual fruit because it doesn’t have fiber.

2. Introduce Sippy Cups at the Right Time

A vital first step in reducing infant bottle tooth decay is to move your child from a bottle to a sippy cup. By the time your child is a year old, the experts in periodontal therapy in Mountain Home, ID, advise weaning them off of the bottle and transitioning them to a sippy cup. Sippy cups lessen the chance of prolonged exposure to sugary liquids and promote the formation of healthy drinking habits.

3. Avoid Bedtime Bottles

Don’t put anything other than water in your child’s bottle before bedtime. When a youngster puts a bottle in their mouth while they sleep, the sugary juices cover the teeth and encourage the growth of bacteria. To lower the danger of infant bottle tooth decay, if your child requires a baby bottle for comfort, make sure it only holds water. Avoid milk, juice, or any other liquid.

4. Practice Good Oral Hygiene

Start your child’s oral hygiene routine at a young age. Even before the first tooth shows up, wipe your baby’s gums after a feeding. Use a toothbrush with soft bristles and kid-safe toothpaste when the teeth are already there. Introduce pea-sized amounts of fluoride toothpaste gradually as more teeth come out. Start flossing as soon as your youngster has two teeth next to each other.

5. Regular Dental Check-ups

By the time the first tooth appears or before the first birthday comes around, make an appointment for your child to visit his dentist. Regular examinations are necessary to identify dental problems early on, especially tooth decay from baby bottles. A pediatric dentist can answer any questions you may have and offer helpful advice. Make that visit a big deal so the child feels its importance.

Little Teeth are a Big Deal

Making educated decisions and taking proactive measures to maintain your child’s dental health is necessary to prevent the decay of teeth that results from the use of baby bottles. Family Dentistry in Mountain Home, ID, recommends the restriction of sugary drinks, introducing sippy cups at the appropriate age, avoiding bedtime use of bottles, maintaining proper oral hygiene, and visiting the dentist regularly. 

Your dedication as a parent to giving your child’s oral health importance will shield them from teeth issues in their formative years. Take the youngster to Mountain Home Dentistry Co. Call us at 208-587-1111 or email us at

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